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The International Recruiting Agency INTER PERSONNEL was established in 2000. During the working period the agency has gained a great experience in qualify recruiting of personnel for Russian and foreign companies located both in Russia and abroad. We are successfully cooperating with our foreign partners from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Egypt, Australia, UAE, Mongolia, South Korea and other countries.
Our foreign partners are employers wishing to hire personnel from Russia. They are foreign recruiting agencies rendering assistance in employment of Russian personnel at the territory of their countries or offering their personnel for employment at the Russian territory; they are educational institutions of foreign countries, accepting Russian students for studying or training. Our candidates are citizens of all regions of Russia and near foreign countries.
In 2005, Inter Personnel International Recruiting Agency was recognized as a laureate of the Novosibirsk Trademark contest among Novosibirsk recruiting agencies, rewarded with a medal and diploma of the Mayor of the city of Novosibirsk, as well as entered in catalogues of the best enterprises of Novosibirsk and Siberia Region. We invite to cooperation foreign employers and brokerage companies having a permission/ license on activity of employment of foreign citizens, in the event if such a license is required by the legislation of the country, where these companies realize their activity. Specialists of the Agency will try to recruit and present for you consideration the appropriate candidates, arrange interviews and testing, render assistance in arranging documents for entering abroad.
We invite educational institutions of foreign countries, wishing accept our school children and students for improving their English levels or having various internships. We actively promote opportunities of those educational institutions among young people and invite them to study there. All selected candidates are rendered assistance in arranging departure documents. According to the Russian legislation, in order to start our cooperation we need from you the following documents:
  1. • Agreement of cooperation
  2. • Сopies of documents confirming a legal status of the foreign employer or brokerage company
  3. • Сopies of a permission /license on the activity of foreign citizens’ employment (in the event, if it’s stipulated by the legislation of your country).
  4. • (For employers) Inquiry in written form to our address containing details of quantity of employees being required, their specialization, qualification, salary, accommodation, food, transfer conditions, etc.
  5. We would be pleased to consider all offers from you!
Now, the demand for the foreign specialists wishing to work in Russia is rapidly increasing here. We invite to mutually beneficial cooperation the foreign companies able to provide the specialists in various fields.
Director E-mail:
Международное кадровое агентство «Интер-Персонал», адрес:Россия, г. Новосибирск, тел:+7 913 767 7087, Email:для корреспонденции -, интернет-сайт
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